Highstop Eurorack Modules

Here is some of the Eurorack that I have design, build and use.
Here are some of the Eurorack modules I have designed, built and use in my setup.
The ideas for the modules have come from needs in my own setup.
At the same time made out of a desire that they should take up as little space as possible without compromising the operation.
All modules are made with low impedance active outputs and high impedance inputs to reduce voltage loss between modules.
All modules are made as needed, therefore if you are interested in acquiring 1 or more of them, please contact me.


Dual function module.
Buffer: 1 input split to 3 output with separat active buffer.
Mixer: 3 input to 1 output with active buffer.


Noise generator with 5 different outputs of noise:
1. White AC no buffer.
2. White DC, PWM signal without a AC filter, it is a fast random on/off signal.
3. White+ AC output with buffer.
4. Pink.
5. White noise thru a passive filter and into a VCA/VCF made with a Vactrol.


4 channel of level/inverting control and 1 slew rate limiter

A signal from the input is scaled with the level potentiometer.
At 12 o'clock no output.
Over 12 o'clock positive 0 to 100%.
Under 12 o'clock inverted output 0 to -100%.
With no jack in input a intern 5V reference voltage is added to the potentiometer, giving an output from -5V to +5V
With no jack in the output the signal is mixed with the next input making it possible to scale and offset a signal using 2 channels.
The slew rate limiter has a range of 0 to 20 seconds.


Utility is a logic module with 4 channel

Each channel has 2 inputs and one output.
On each channel, one of the following logic functions can be selected:
The following features are planned:
Divider, Delay, gated output via Clock input.

Simple operation:
1st pushbutton selects channel. (1, 2, 3, 4)
2nd pushbutton selects main function (OR, AND, XOR, DIV, DLY, GT)
3rd pushbutton selects sub function (Invert, Trig .....)